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Dragons' Flight 

            The Skaleans want her dead, to save their realm.

                The Dragons want her alive, to save theirs.



Eighteen-year-old Jen is the heart of two intertwined prophecies that hold the fate of three lands in the balance. With the Skaleans unleashing their dark magic on her realm, she must decide between standing her ground with the strength of her loyal people, or venturing into the land of dragons to secure the magic she needs to save her world.
In her journey, Jen discovers her own magic may be the key she needs to defeat the Skaleans and save the two lands she loves.
Will Jen be able to harness her magic and become the hero the world needs, or will the Skaleans’ dark magic prove too much for her to handle?
The fate of three lands rests in the hands of one reluctant heroine and the power that lies within her.
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Alban's Choice

ALBAN’S CHOICE is the story of two kick-ass girls, Alban and her sister, Rayhan, who, when their brothers die, must take up the roles of heir and wizard. While dealing with their own personal struggles, they must save their family, their world, and magic.


Magic has been banned in the north, the same magic that holds back the demonic myst that would devour their world. AND their new husbands have been poisoned.


Alban risks her life on an untried path to become a wizard so she can search for the cure, while Rayhan leads her armies into bloody battle.


With old magic newly found, battles fought, and difficult choices made along their journeys, they discover their strengths and talents. 
                          And, we hope,  survive

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