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I created this using the free version of Inkarnate.

An interesting bit (at least to me) about Alban’s Choice. Originally, it was about two brothers.

Changing to females happened because a potential agent suggested the change, and after some thought, I agreed.

One of the major reasons I agreed to the change was that I wanted female readers to see that they, too, could be strong and adventurous. 

I ended up changing very little in the book other than some pronouns and some clothing here and there.  

In the end, I think it worked out well.  😊

                                                  Albans choice / The Familiars’

Familiars                                Color related                                        Talents
An Eagle                                      Blue                           hunts /flight /see from sky/ distant details
Mouse                                          Red                                   hides/ hears well /stealth

Beaver                                         Orange                              swimmer /builder/ gatherer

Cat                                               Yellow                             sees spirits/ sees in dark/

Hedgehog                                    Green                           wood wise/ digs / guards privacy

Small dog                                     Indigo                       digs / hearing / tracking / guards/ loyal

Dove                                             Violet                           sense of direction/ carries messages

                                   Hidden Eggs in Alban’s Choice 😊

The world of Perinath (means to envelope or surround in Greek) has some interesting place names.

Amarantos (means unfading flower in Greek) is a continent and is the ‘known world’ of the humans of Alban’s Choice.

Alban’s home is Blowan (means to flower in old English)

The home of the bad guy, Prince Nigel, is Karyon (means nut in Greek)

The home of Prince Zander is Gilofre (means Clove in Greek)

The home of Prince Chadric is Filo (means leaf in Greek)

Alban’s mother’s family name is Pante (which means to plant or to insert firmly.)

Are you seeing a trend? 😊

More to Come 

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