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        Hello, a bit about me:


                               Monica Sagle Zwikstra

is a member of the Crowsnest Writers critique group in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.           

Born on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Monica has always had a vivid imagination and a passion for exploring new worlds through her writing.

She is the author of two epic fantasy novels, “Dragons Flight” and “Alban’s Choice,” both of which are available on Amazon.

Monica’s writing skills extend to short stories as well, with her story “Storm House” being published in the anthology “A Haunting of Words” and her flash fiction “Humanity” appearing in Polar Borealis Magazine #7 and the “Best of Borealis Magazine” Anthology “Stellar Evolutions” under her pen name
Monica Sagle.

In addition to writing, Monica loves gardening, caring for cats, exploring the world of dragons, and learning sign language. She lives, with her husband, in a tiny Hamlet nestled within the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta.
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